Terms & Conditions


Delivery time 3-5 days(India)
The timeline mentioned above only consists of working days. Sundays and public holidays are not included in the timeline.

Please remember that timeline can vary sometimes due to in-between requests by the customers or some unprecedented situations that can arise.

1. Customers are required to provide us with the correct and precise shipping address for safe delivery. We are in no way responsible for incorrect or partial shipping addresses provided by the customer.

2. Any request for changes in the provided shipping address should be submitted before the order is shipped. For any such requests, you can mail us at shriathindustries29@gmail.com.

3. The average shipping time for orders within India is 3-5 days. (This shipping time is generally for well-connected tier-1 and tier-2 cities. The shipping time can be longer for some places.)

4. We have partnered with several shipping companies. We choose a shipping company based on certain parameters(region of delivery, size of the package, and shipping duration) that provide an optimum solution.

5. Any shipping company’s operational delay is beyond our control.

6. Every product of our company is well protected and packed before shipping. Although there can be some handling issues from the shipping company side that may lead to minor damages to some of the products, which is beyond our scope of operation.

7. Any operational mistake done by the shipping company will have to be resolved with the cooperation of the customer and the shipping company.

Replacement For Items

1. The cricket bats sold in marketplace can only be replaced in case of any manufacturing defect from our side.

2. A product can be replaced only within 2 days of receiving the product. Customers need to provide us with valid reasons before the replacement request is approved by our team.

3. Labels/stickers/tags are also to be kept on your product or the product will be ineligible for replacement.

4. All products will undergo quality check by our team. If the product does not pass the quality check then we shall ship it back to you.

5. Proof of purchase is required to be provided for any claim to be valid.

6. Any sign of usage of the product(s) will make the product(s) ineligible for replacement. The product is required to be kept new and unused for replacement.

7. A product can be replaced only once. We reserve the right to decline the replacement request in case we find any kind of policy abuse.

8. The replaced product will always be same/or of the same specs as the original product. Any request for replacing the original product with different kind/size/specifications of product will not be entertained.

Claims against the following points will not be considered valid for replacement-

* The weight range mentioned in the description of bats can vary 15-25 grams when received by the customers. Application of anti-scuff sheet & threading on the bat will add some extra weight. The described measurements of the bat specifications can vary few millimetres depending upon the preciseness of instruments and methods used.

Steps For Processing a Replacement Claim

1. For any replacement related issues kindly email us at shriathindustries29@gmail.com. Please keep in mind to include your order id, pictures of the product and the reason for the replacement while emailing.

2. After approval from our replacement department, the customer has to ship the product to us. Customer is required to provide us with tracking details and cooperate with us in collecting the package. We are not responsible for any loss that may occur during transit.

3. After receiving the package our team of experts will thoroughly check the product to validate your replacement claims. Customer may be contacted by our replacement department during this process.

4. If the claims are found to be valid then the product will be replaced and shipped to the customer.

Warranty Policies For Tennis Ball Cricket Bats:

Things that are not covered in the warranty FOR TENNIS BALL CRICKET BATS

1. The damage done by the use of non-Tennis balls
2. Damage that occurs due to extreme weather conditions i.e. extreme moisture or extreme heat.
3. Water-damaged bats i.e. by playing at damp pitches
4. Damage due to improper use, bad shots, poor timing, playing at edges or playing a yorker at toes

Things that are covered in the warranty FOR TENNIS BALL CRICKET BATS

1. Manufacturing fault in fixing bat handle into blade i.e. it is not fixed firmly     then we will replace the handle.
2. Storm damage or internal stress damage. This type of damage will be first verified by our experts before proceeding further.